monosrc is a producer of electronic music, chillout, wave, edm, DnB, dubstep… however he feels like. Influenced by e-music of the 80´s and 90´s he is combining those styles with the modern techniques and sounds - gaining individuality and originality.

Up to 2013 you can get his songs for free private usage in the archive section (linked to the old website). Later tracks were uploaded to external sites only.

He also does webdesign and a bit of webdeveloping. Writing and drawing are his hobbies he needs when his head is spinning from all the beats.

For commercial usage of his songs you can purchase a license at (if the song you like is not listed there, just send him an email). Further information about re–using can be read through the creative–commons–link at the bottom. Also, if you like what he is doing, think about of spending him a coffee via paypal - he needs lots of this drug.


Tracks from 2013 upwards are hosted on third party sites only.


The archive contains songs up to 2013, after then he was getting lazy with this website and uploaded to third party sites only. At some point tracks will get uploaded here again.
"Bonus" contains lonely and remade tracks. "Sessions" are old first step 30–60min. liveacts.

complete old website


Martin Lerch
82515 Wolfratshausen
BY, Germany

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